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Water damage causes between $4 and $6 billion in damage every year. Sump pumps are one valuable tool for avoiding this but are often “out of sight, out of mind.” Like many appliances around your home or business, you may not think about them until they stop working.


Regular maintenance, including sump pump cleaning, is one way to avoid breakdowns and increase the longevity of your equipment. It’s also a simple step to ensure your equipment is running at full capacity and that your basement or crawl space is free of water.


Keep reading to learn about the importance of sump pump cleaning and what it entails. It may help you avoid major water damage to your building’s structure and thousands of dollars in repairs.



The ideal spot for a sump pump is the lowest part of a space that has the potential for pooling water. Often this is a pit dug to ensure gravity helps it remove as much water as possible.


This means that sump pumps get exposed to lots of dirt and debris and are susceptible to clogging. This prevents the device from pumping water and can even cause serious damage.



The first thing to do is test the pump to ensure it is working by pouring water into the pit. The float will trigger the pump to cut on, and you should see water discharging from the exit pipe.


Before cleaning a sump pump, ensure the power is completely disconnected. Then remove the cover to the pit and clean out any physical debris you can spot.


Remove the sump pump from the pit. Finer debris tends to accumulate at the bottom grate. Remove as much as possible and check the screen at the end of the discharge pipe.



How often you perform sump pump cleaning depends on the conditions it operates. If you have seen a lot of rain or your crawl space has a great deal of dirt or debris, you may consider cleaning the pump screen every month. If this proves to be overkill, check it once a quarter.


At a minimum, you should perform full sump pump maintenance once a year. There are advantages to this besides having a thorough cleaning. It allows a professional to inspect the machine, perform any needed repairs, and make recommendations to improve performance.


A technician will inspect the pit and backup battery. They can grease bearings, check valves, and ensure discharge pipes are free from obstruction. If your pump has an alarm, the inspector can test to ensure it is working properly.



Now that you understand the many benefits of sump pump cleaning, you can ensure your device functions correctly. Scheduling regular maintenance will give you the peace of mind that your basement--and your home or business--is safe from flooding.


WildRose Vacuum Services has been providing commercial and residential repairs and maintenance, including sump pump cleaning services, for over 20 years. We service municipalities, industrial customers, property managers, hotels, restaurants, hospitality providers, and others. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.


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