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Commercial Sumps

Stumped on What Kind of Sump to Get? Call Our Calgary Sump Experts!

Commercial and industrial facilities designed and constructed with sub-grade structures, including basements, subbasements, parking structures, elevator pits, and moisture is always a concern. Groundwater seepage, condensation, plumbing leaks, and weather-related flooding puts these facilities at risk. For this reason, it is important to keep sump pumps, and drainage systems in commercial and industrial buildings maintained and working properly.

Wild Rose Vacuum Services provides the services needed to ensure your commercial sump pumps are working and ready to handle any water intrusions at your facility. We offer commercial sump pump services throughout the Calgary area. Our submersible pumps can be used in numerous settings, including overflow tanks, basements, excavation sites, drainage pits, sump pits and others.



Installation of Commercial Pumps

Installing a commercial pump is something that should always be left to a professional. For one thing, properly excavating the sump and laying the pipe is going to require specialized knowledge to be done properly. If you need a commercial pump installed in your building, trust us to handle it for you. We’ll make sure that your commercial pump isn’t just installed properly but that it serves you well for many years to come. Since sump pumps come in a range of horsepower ratings and configurations, it’s best to discuss your particular application with a Wild Rose Vacuum Services expert.



Maintaining Your Sump Pump

Ideally, your sump pump should be inspected at least once a year. Although, if your pump runs repeatedly (or continuously) as a result of a high water table or excess drainage, it may require additional examinations throughout the calendar year.


You should also check for obstructions within the sump pump’s discharge line since these can cause it to work harder and wear out sooner. This is a task than can be performed by our service specialists.


Call for Commercial Sumps in Calgary

Commercial sump pumps run into problems just as often as any other system, which is why we offer a full range of repair and maintenance services. If you have reason to suspect that your commercial sump pump isn’t operating properly, call WildRose Vacuum Services. With 24-hour emergency services available, we’re here to tackle all your commercial sump issues.

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