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Did you know that Calgary Water waste Bylaw requires restaurants to install and maintain a grease trap or a possible fine if you fail to do so? Restaurants need to have grease traps to prevent contaminating the environment with grease. Keep reading to learn when to clean and maintain your grease trap.



Grease traps need to be cleaned monthly or more often if fats, oils and grease (FOG) and solids exceed 25% of the grease interceptor capacity. The standard rule of thumb is your grease trap should be cleaned out every time it's a quarter full. The fats, oils, greases, and solids will start to smell if you let them sit for too long.


To prevent the smell, you should put a process in place where someone checks to see how full it is and if it's a quarter, make sure it gets cleaned out. Also, you should establish a regular cleaning schedule and train your staff to switch off who cleans, and if someone is out, sick other people can do the job.



If you choose to clean your own grease traps, you should place the solids in your organic or garbage bins. They should not be disposed into the wastewater system. If you own a food truck in Calgary, you must fill out a logbook that includes the date, time, location, approximate volume, and the person's name making the disposal.

If you’re busy, hire a professional to help you clean your grease traps. WildRose Vacuum Services provide reliable grease traps cleaning service in Calgary.


We have a grease trap cleaning vehicle used explicitly for your restaurant grease trap, and in addition to cleaning, we can replace grease traps that are broken, have pipe blockage, or are starting to erode.


We will work around your schedule and come after your busy kitchen hours, so we're not disrupting a busy time at your restaurant. We can provide services in Calgary or the surrounding areas.



When it comes to cleaning your grease traps, the rule of thumb is cleaning it out when it's one-fourth full. You want to avoid odours if grease is left in there too long and prevent any fines or health risks to your customers.


Contact WildRose Vacuum Services today to get more information about the services we provide, get a quote on how much it will cost, and get a sense of how we can work around your schedule.


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