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Quality Grease Trap Cleaners in Calgary

At WildRose Vacuum Services, we have a dedicated grease trap cleaning vehicle to service restaurants in Calgary. By removing grease and residues from the trap, we also effectively minimize any undesirable odours that can turn diners away from your facility. In addition to grease trap cleaning, we can also replace grease traps that are no longer at effective in preventing pipe blockages or have begun to erode.


We Work around Your Schedule

You can book our service outside of your kitchen’s busy schedule. This way, we’re not in your way, and your restaurant stays productive and profitable during your core hours. By accommodating the needs of our customers, WildRose Vacuum Services has become the preferred grease trap cleaning and replacement service in the Calgary area.



Routine cleaning of your grease trap is important because:

  • It is a legal obligation to prevent oil and fat from flowing into the sewer.
  • It helps prevent foul or rotting smells, which might negatively impact your business.
  • If it remains unclean for long, trapped waste inside it might damage the tank.
  • Overdue accumulation of grease, oil, and fat in grease traps can become thick and immovable.
  • It can cause blockage in your drainage system, obstructing wastewater flow.

It is suggested to get grease traps cleaned every three months. Feel free to contact us for your next grease trap cleaning in Calgary.



Irregular cleaning and poor maintenance of grease traps can lead to several problems. Here’s a list of potential signs to look out for:  

  • When your drains start to backup frequently.
  • When you observe pest infestation around the drainage.
  • When you experience grease backflow due to a full grease trap.
  • When you notice an unusual smell or odour from your drain.
  • When you observe slow draining due to grease accumulation.

In addition, it might cause health issues for you and your staff or loved ones. If you observe these signs, you should immediately call for professional help. Give us a call today!


Call The Professionals

Let’s get to work on cleaning out or replacing your restaurant’s grease trap — call WildRose Vacuum Services for service anywhere in Calgary or the surrounding areas! We are available for 24 hours emergency services.


Ask about preventative maintenance for your grease traps and drain lines!

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