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If you're a Calgary homeowner using a septic system, regularly maintaining it is an absolute must.


Your septic system is like an underground ecosystem, and like any ecosystem, it has its limits. If it gets clogged up, filled with too much water, or contaminated, it can present some serious health threats.

But maintaining it yourself isn't a DIY-friendly job, so searching for septic services in Calgary is the best move. This begs the question: what should I look for in a reliable septic service provider? 

If you're searching for "septic services Calgary," this guide will outline everything Calgary residents need to know and more about septic services to help you choose the right provider for your home.

Septic Tank Cleaning Inspections

Calgary residents should always check if a provider offers septic tank cleaning inspections.

Proper maintenance is key to making septic systems last, but you might not remember the last time yours was inspected. You can trust providers that offer to send their experts to your home and run the necessary inspections. 

Conducting an inspection gives you a clear understanding of what your septic system needs. That way you won't need to pay for any services you don't need.


Video Inspection


A common issue with septic inspections, however, is uncertainty. Sometimes a septic system issue isn't visible to the human eye. 

Calgary residents shouldn't pay providers based on guesswork. The most reliable method of identifying septic tank issues is through video inspection.

By fitting flexible cameras down tight spaces, experts can pinpoint the exact issue and take action. Make sure your provider offers video inspection, as you want as little guesswork with your septic systems as possible.


Septic Tank Pumping


We recommended that Calgary residents pump their septic tanks every 1-3 years. Even if you own a large tank, it'll reach its capacity one way or another. 

You should only select providers who offer septic tank pumping services. Not only that, they should be able to do so safely and correctly.

Make sure your provider knows how to properly pump your tank, as this determines its durability.


Septic Pump Replacement


Septic pumps are designed to raise fluids from the tank to a higher level. Systems installed on an incline often need septic pumps to make sure the water flows correctly.

Calgary residents make sure their septic service provider offers pump replacement. They should always have professionals on-site to get this done.

You also never know when your septic pump might fail and need replacing, so septic service providers must be available 24/7 to replace your pumps if needed.


Reliable Septic Services Calgary


Searching for "septic services Calgary" online can be confusing if you don't know what to look for. Use this guide to find the right septic service provider for you, and keep your home safe. 

Need a quote? Wild Rose Vacuum Services can help you out!

We've provided a wide range of residential and commercial maintenance to Calgary residents for over 20 years. Our exceptional customer service extends to all septic cleaning, inspecting, and pumping needs.

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