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How to avoid septic woes with proper tank installation and system care


If you own property in a more rural area, installing a septic tank may be in your future. Whether it’s to replace an existing tank or to position a brand new system, septic installation in the greater Calgary area requires more than a little forethought. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to avoid trouble down the road.



If you’ve already started shopping for new septic tanks in Calgary, you’ve likely come to the realization that there are a ton of choices. Tanks come in a range of sizes and can be built from a variety of materials including concrete, plastic and fiberglass. Choosing a well-qualified organization like Wild Rose Vacuum Services will instantly make it all much easier. We’ll help you determine the following to ensure you are sufficiently equipped to select the right tank for your property.

  • The expected volume of sewage and the corresponding size of tank to accommodate this volume

  • The ideal location for your tank and system

  • The topographical and soil concerns that may be a factor in installation and therefore tank selection

  • Confirmation of sufficient clearance from water sources and buildings

  • Provincial regulations that determine which systems are permitted and where

Once you’re fully outfitted with this information, it becomes much simpler to decide on the right tank. We’ll be more than happy to suggest some options within your budget.


A septic tank is a major investment and you want to make sure it’s protected. Proper installation is a significant key to guarding the life span of your tank, as it will prevent a multitude of potential problems such as backflow, flooding and other possible difficulties. Wild Rose Vacuum Services has 15 years worth of experience to draw on and ensure that your septic tank is installed right the first and only time.


Once installation of your new septic tank is complete, there are some measures you’ll want to keep in mind to guarantee that it properly functions for years to come. 

  • Use only eco-friendly products. Antibacterial soaps, bleach and harsh cleansers can kill vital microbes needed for breaking down waste in your septic tank. Also, be wary of powerful pesticides and fertilizers as these can harm the leach field.

  • Avoid flushing food waste, feminine hygiene products and condoms down the toilet.

  • Know where your tank is located. Keep records so that should you wish to make changes to your property in the future, you’ll avoid accidentally rupturing the tank.

  • Place only lightweight items over the leach field. Cars or sheds can crush pipes and compact the necessary soil.

  • Only plant grass over the septic system. Trees and bushes can cause root intrusion damage.

  • Every 1 – 2 years you should have your tank professionally serviced.

For all your septic tank installation, cleaning and pumping needs in and around Calgary, Wild Rose Vacuum Services is here to help. Call us today for to schedule a service appointment.

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