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This pandemic has health officials agreeing that it is safer for people to limit their contact with others. As a result, many people have spent significantly more time at home in the past 12 months.

Social distancing is most definitely the safest and wisest option, especially if you or a loved one has underlying conditions. But what is it doing to your septic system?

Keep reading to learn how COVID-19 has affected septic systems and how septic tank cleaning in Calgary can help.


The Necessity of Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

Everyday use contributes wastewater to your home's septic system, which means it needs to be regularly maintained.

Usually, this maintenance includes periodic cleaning to rid the tank of accumulated sludge and other inorganic waste. In “normal” situations, septic tanks should be cleaned once every few years. With the stay at home effect of the current pandemic, most houses on septic systems should consider getting a cleaning done this year. This cleaning should always be done by a professional, and the material removed must be disposed of in a legal manner.




In years past, many Canadian households remained empty throughout the day. Children spent their time behind desks, listening to the words of a teacher, and parents migrated off to business meetings and other paid work.

Although few people thought about it, their time away from home meant they were not wearing down the septic tanks. Being gone for most of the day greatly decreases the amount people flush the toilet or pour water down the sink. 

COVID-19 brought with it a host of inconvenient circumstances. When it first hit North America, officials quickly decided it was unsafe to allow lives to continue as usual. The government instituted stay-at-home orders.

Government orders also forced businesses and schools to close their doors and move online. With large numbers of people now working and studying from home, it means your septic tank's workload has increased.


What This Means for Your Septic Tank


This means people have been flushing the toilet more often. There may have also been an increase in the number of showers taken or laundry loads run.

Many people have also been cooking more. With access to restaurants restricted, at-home food preparation has become a necessity. Many people also have taken it up as a hobby to pass the time. 

Increased cooking means more food poured down into the septic system. The more people you have in your family or household, the greater the strain has been on your system.


Septic Tank Cleaning in Calgary 


Many businesses have been affected by COVID-19, and the septic tank cleaning in Calgary is no exception. 

People are hesitant about other people coming to their homes, including professionals. While this is understandable, regularly cleaning your septic tank is necessary.

Even during these crazy times in Calgary, you can still get top-notch septic tank cleaning services.


Schedule Your Cleaning

If you haven't done septic maintenance in a while, it's time for you to see how you can get septic tank cleaning in Calgary.

Cleaning your septic tank is important, especially during COVID-19. If it's been a while since you've last had your tank cleaned, don't waste another minute!

Wild Rose Vacuum Services provides you with top-notch septic tank cleaning services. Get a free estimate today!

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