Why Is My Septic Tank Pump Not Working?

One of the worst situations to face as a property owner is septic tank issues. When issues arise or your system stops working completely, knowing how to troubleshoot septic tank issues and understanding when to call in a professional is a must.


This guide will dive into common septic tank pump issues and what steps you should take to resolve them. Read on below if you’re interested in learning more about septic tank pumps.


Types of Septic Pumps

Before we talk about the common issues, you should know which type of septic pump you have at home. There are several types of pumps; grinder pumps, sewage pumps, effluent pumps or wastewater pumps. As the name suggests, a grinder pump grinds waste before it ends inside your septic tank. A sewage pump moves sewage from either a pump inside the house or life station to a septic tank. With this pump type, two solids can be handled by the system.


The last type of septic tank pump is an effluent pump or wastewater pump. This system is used most often when wastewater needs to be moved upward through pipes because the septic field is higher than the tank itself.


Common Septic Tank Issues

There might be several reasons why your septic tank might not be working.



Possibly the most common reason your septic tank is not working is clogging. This takes place when debris and grease from the tank. Unfortunately, when this happens, your septic tank will stop working altogether.


While many people only flush toilet paper into their septic system, it isn't unusual for other items to find their way down the drain. Feminine products, condoms, and even children's toys have been found in systems and have been the culprit of bigger issues. Be careful of what finds its way into your septic tank system to avoid these issues.


Sensors and Electrical Issues

Float controls and electricity keep your septic system running. When one goes on the fritz, your septic system will fail. You'll also find that the sensors that alert you to issues may also fail during these times.


Troubleshooting Ideas

One of the first things you should do before working on a septic tank is disconnecting the power. This will save you from getting hurt when working on your system.


Other issues such as blocked clogs and floaters may be easy to fix yourself.  It might be as simple as cleaning your septic tank. While it may not be fun, it can help get things cleared up quickly.


When to Call the Pros

If you have any doubts about your skills when working on your septic tank, it's best to call the pros. This is especially true for electrical problems or a full septic tank.


Septic tank pumping can be taken care of by professionals like those at Wild Rose Vacuum Services. When septic issues arise that you aren't sure of, you are only one call away from getting help on the way.


We're Here to Help

When you need septic tank pumping or repairs in Calgary, we can help. By contacting our team at Wild Rose Vacuum Services you can get your septic tank issues sorted quickly and professionally. We're only a call away when things get messy with your septic systems. 


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