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How often should I clean my septic tank?

How often should I clean my septic tank?


If your home isn’t connected to a public sewage treatment system, you must have a personal septic tank to recycle wastewater back into the environment. If you have one of these systems, it’s important that you clean and maintain it on a regular basis. We at WildRose Vacuum Services offer a variety of services including pumping, cleaning and repair. Here’s what you need to know about septic tank cleaning in Calgary.


Why do I have to clean my septic tank?

To understand why you need to clean your septic tank, you first need a basic understanding of how your septic tank works. Wastewater flows into the tank through the main drain of your home (fed into by toilets, bathtubs, dishwasher, sinks, etc.). This wastewater is held in the tank for a prolonged period of roughly 24 hours. During this time, all the solids slowly sink down to the bottom of the tank so that the clean water can be recycled back into the soil surrounding your tank. Over time, these solids (often referred to as sludge) build up at the bottom of the septic tank. When it gets close to being full of this sludge, there are a number of problems that might occur:

  • Your tank could overflow.
  • Solids might rise to a point where they could block the outlet pipe.
  • Your drainpipe could get blocked, causing terrible smells to come from your drains.
  • You could damage your septic tank.

How often do I have to clean my septic tank?

Ideally, once every two to three years. Though your septic tank has an extremely large capacity, it’s still important that you empty it on a regular basis. Contact our office in Calgary to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned.

If the sink in your home has a garbage disposal, you’ll probably want to have your septic tank cleaned once every year. The inclusion of a garbage disposal can increase waste by about 50%. It’s also important to consider the number of people using the tank—the more people who use it, the more it will have to be cleaned.

Remember, never enter or open your septic tank. All septic maintenance should be performed by a trained and certified professional. Because of all the waste collected in your tank, there are gasses that are harmful to humans and potentially fatal if inhaled. We’ll send one of our experts to assess the state of your tank and perform all the necessary maintenance required.


Don’t let your septic tank suffer from neglect; repairs and replacements could become costly. Call us today and book your appointment. For more information regarding septic tank maintenance, visit our website.


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