Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Traps

Are you in the food service industry? How much thought do you give to good grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Calgary?


Regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Calgary is a must! Not looking after your grease traps can lead to bad odours in your establishment, backed up or clogged sewer lines and steep fines and/or closure.


Let’s look at some of the basic dos and don’ts of grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Calgary:

  • Ensure your trap is properly installed. If you find little or no FOG (fats, oils and grease) in your grease trap, it might be improperly installed—too close to a dishwasher, for example. Have a qualified expert take a look.

  • Keep out! Grease traps are actually a last line of defence. The priority of your food service establishment should be to keep FOG out of the drains. Period. Talk to a grease trap specialist about the best ways to do that and train your staff accordingly. For starters, install (and use) catch screens on all drains; never put any foods containing FOG down the drain; wipe up dishes and spills with paper towels, rags or scrapers and dispose in the trash or compost bin; and don’t pour boiling-hot waste water down the drain—it could melt the FOG accumulated in the grease trap and flush it further down the sewer line.

  • Scheduled maintenance. It’s very important to schedule regular grease trap inspection, cleaning and maintenance in Calgary. Check your grease trap at least once a week. Get it cleaned out at least once a month or when the volume of the grease and sediment reaches 25 percent of the total volume of the liquid in the trap, whichever comes first. Get your sewage lines pressure jetted several times a year to ensure there is no build-up of FOG in your pipes.

  • Don’t use chemicals and enzymes. Some of these are touted as miracle FOG dissolvers. At best, they simply allow the FOG to travel a bit further down the sewer lines before congealing and attaching to pipe walls.

  • Keep records. It’s very important to keep an accurate maintenance log. Every inspection, cleaning, waste transfer and line jetting should be recorded and the log kept easily accessible for inspectors.

Grease trap cleaning in Calgary can be messy business!

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