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Restaurant Food Services

Prevent Unappetizing Smells & Backups — Call for Grease Trap Service!

Grease traps keep vegetable oils, animal fats and kitchen wastewater from clogging the pipes running from your facility to the sanitary sewer system. If you operate a restaurant with a busy kitchen, then you know how important it is to keep your grease trap in a functional state. When a line becomes blocked by heavy grease and fats, it can cause the line to back up — this won’t be pretty and it certainly won’t smell appetizing to your guests!

Here to Serve Your Grease Traps

At WildRose Vacuums Services, we have a vehicle dedicated to serving the needs of Calgary area restaurant’s grease traps. To minimize odours, all grease from the grease trap will be vented outside, where our truck will be located.

We Work around Your Schedule

We can schedule appointments on days and/or times that are your least busy, ensuring your restaurant or business remains as productive as possible.

Schedule an Appointment

Getting your grease trap cleaned out is easy. Simply call WildRose Vacuum Services for service anywhere in the Calgary area!

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