Septic Tank Replacement

Septic Tank Replacement in Calgary & Area

A septic tank that has been properly maintained through regular cleaning and pumping can last decades, but even the most well cared for tank could eventually need replacing. If your home, business or industrial site needs septic tank replacement in Calgary, call WildRose Vacuum Services.

Our experienced professionals will assess your septic system to determine whether replacement is needed—repairs may be possible, and if so, we can complete those. If we determine that your septic tank needs to be replaced, we’ll talk with you about the various options and suggest tank types that make sense with your current septic system. It’s our goal to ensure you’re properly informed so that you can make a wise decision.

Signs You Need a Septic Tank Replacement

While a total system failure is one obvious sign your septic system will need to be replaced, other indicators are not so obvious. Ask yourself if you are experiencing any of the following scenarios — they may indicate that your septic tank is in need of a replacement:

Increased family size?
Has the size of your family increased dramatically? Do you have more regular visitors than in previous years? Having more people in the household may warrant the installation of a larger septic tank. Having a larger tank will also reduce the frequency of having your tank pumped and ensure it can accept the increased demands on the system.

Do you have the right tank? If your septic tank is in constant need of repairs or modifications it could just be that it wasn’t designed for your type of property or soil. A classic case would be a gravity-style septic tank being installed in an area with soil-depth issues. In this instance, you would be best served by replacing your existing tank with one that relies on pressure to drain wastewater. We would be more than happy to evaluate your current system and make a recommendation on the best remedy.

Calling often for repairs? If you’re having a septic tank repair technician come out to fix a malfunction several times a year, this is a good indicator your septic system may need to be replaced sooner than later. With a septic tank replacement, not only will your whole system be more effective, but you will also save a bundle by avoiding all those septic repair callouts.

If any of these sound familiar to you, it may be time to call WildRose Vacuum Services. We would be more than happy to evaluate your current septic system and offer professional recommendations on how to improve it. Without a proper replacement, your property could be exposed to hazardous contamination and expensive cleanup costs.

Contact Us to Learn More about Septic Tanks in Calgary

WildRose Vacuum Services employs experts in septic tanks, and Calgary residential, commercial and industrial clients trust us to properly care for their septic systems. Call today to learn more. For over 15 years, our team and large fleet of vacuum trucks have served customers throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. We’re always available to discuss your needs and schedule you in for a service appointment.

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