Winter is coming to Calgary. Are your septic tanks ready?

It’ll be here soon. The snow. The ice. The freezing temperatures. And more snow!

Winter is coming. And if you have a residential or commercial septic tank in Calgary, then you need to be ready. A lot of people pump their septic tanks during spring-cleaning, but why wait that long and risk a back up? The holiday season is a busy time for families and businesses alike. Be proactive. Don’t let a nasty septic surprise spoil your holiday plans.


Preventing problems with your septic tank this winter

Prepare for the cold and prevent problems with your septic tank using the following tips:

  • Keep an eye on water usage—Increased water usage can lead to system failure. Try to spread your usage evenly through the week, especially when doing laundry. 
  • Fix drips and leaks—Dripping faucets and leaky toilets waste water, get them fixed to avoid imbalances in your septic system.
  • Use eco-friendly products—Harsh cleaning products and antibacterial soaps kill the microorganisms that keep your septic system healthy.
  • Do regular inspections—Stay ahead of problems by conducting your own tank inspections.
  • Have it pumped—Pump regularly to avoid septic system failure. Have your septic tank pumped before the holiday season starts so you’re ready for the increased usage that comes with having holiday houseguests or increased business.

Inspecting your septic tank

Performing regular tank inspections will ensure your septic system is always in good working order. Look for these signs when inspecting your residential or commercial tanks:  

  • Strong smell—The tank should not have an overpowering odour (unless you stir the contents). If it does then you may need to have your tank pumped.
  • Bugs—There shouldn’t be too many flies or mosquitoes in or around the tank. An abundance of insects can indicate that there is an opening somewhere in the system.  
  • Solid scum—The scum on the top should be firm, but not too thick or solid. If it is, schedule a septic tank pumping without delay.
  • Too much sludge—The solids that settle to the bottom of the tank accumulate over time and can backup if sludge reaches the outlet pipe.

Servicing your septic tank this winter

Whether you need septic tank pumping or a new septic tank installation, if you’re in the Calgary area then Wild Rose Vacuum Services should be the first call you make. We work all year round, even in the winter. From septic tanks to shop sumps and grease traps, Wild Rose Vacuum Services takes care of all of your residential and commercial liquid waste and drain cleaning needs. Call us today to book an appointment.



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