• 10/10/2017
    Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Traps

    Are you in the food service industry? How much thought do you give to good grease trap cleaning and maintenance in Calgary?

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  • 13/09/2017
    A Brief History of Septic Tanks

    Septic tanks are so much a part of everyday life in Calgary and Okotoks that it’s hard to imagine life without them. Just think of what our urban centres and rural waterways looked (and smelled) like before septic tanks came around. The fact of the matter is, the modern septic tank only appeared in North America in the early 1880s — what a welcome sight that must have been! 

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  • 13/10/2016
    Can Grease Trap Cleaning Save You from a Kitchen Nightmare?

    If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, you’re more than likely already acquainted with that undercover kitchen saviour, the grease trap. These boxes, hidden somewhere between the main sink and the city sewer line, have one role: to catch fat, oil and grease and prevent it from clogging drains. Kitchen grease is the number one cause of blockages in pipes and sewer lines, so pre-emptive action when you have a business to run is a must. Grease traps prevent clogs and their potential consequences, like sewage backups and flooding. Keeping them well maintained will ensure that all continues to flow smoothly.

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  • 12/10/2016
    The ABCs of Acreage Septic Systems

    Septic systems in certain areas surrounding Calgary are a necessity. When your acreage isn’t connected to the local sewer system, the only recourse is to invest in your own waste management structures. But septic systems are varied, and the kind that’s right for your property depends greatly on the unique characteristics of your land. Here are three aspects of septic systems you’ll need to consider before you purchase or install one.

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  • 11/10/2016
    How to Avoid Septic Tank Woes with Proper Installation and System Care

    If you own property in a more rural area, installing a septic tank may be in your future. Whether it’s to replace an existing tank or to position a brand new system, septic installation in the greater Calgary area requires more than a little forethought. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to avoid trouble down the road.

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  • 10/10/2016
    Winter is Coming to Calgary. Are Your Septic Tanks Ready?

    It’ll be here soon. The snow. The ice. The freezing temperatures. And more snow!

    Winter is coming. And if you have a residential or commercial septic tank in Calgary and surrounding areas, then you need to be ready. A lot of people pump their septic tanks during spring-cleaning, but why wait that long and risk a back-up? The holiday season is a busy time for families and businesses alike. Be proactive. Don’t let a nasty septic surprise spoil your holiday plans.

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